Thursday, January 7, 2010

Short Stay

Going, going, gone. Everyone probably knows by now that I pretty much like what I do...I just can't stand the way it's done. Trains are getting to my terminal earlier and earlier while at the away-from-home terminal, they get called later and later. That translates to more time in the cab and in the crew hotel than at home. The last go-round was almost 40 hrs. door to door. Now after only 30 hrs., I'm going back again. Something's wrong with this picture.

By the time you get some sleep and do all the things you have to do...there's no time left to do much that you want to do. Before you know it, that automated voice on the phone wakes you up with a cheery "Hello, this is Crew Management calling for...". Yeah, I'd sound all chipper like that too if I hadn't just fallen asleep. Good thing I don't have to be coherent to push the buttons to take the call or have to be civil to the VRU. I used to have to actually talk to a live Crew Caller but now it's just " accept call, press 1..." and off we go. Gotta run...

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