Sunday, December 27, 2009

Home Alone

I'm a bachelor this week and it sure is strange. I'm used to being on my own when I'm in hotels or on the road but kicking around this big old house with just the dogs and the cat is weird. It's too quiet. Chris and the kids took off the day after Christmas for a little jaunt down south and I'm here to hold the fort...or at least feed the fur-bearers and let them out. This is probably the first time we haven't been together for a vacation since I don't know when. The brood was gone for most of the summer once when Chris's step mom was sick but that wasn't really voluntary. This is something new. I guess lots of people take separate vacations but I'm not so sure I want to make a habit of this. I'm out of time off from work so I couldn't have gone anyway but it still feels odd.

At least I managed to grab a vacancy on a local job for the week. I won't have to worry about being out of town for the next holiday. With any luck...I might even be home for New Year's Eve. I worked back home from the hotel Christmas Eve and have been on trains for all the major holidays this year. It's getting a little old.

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