Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Of The 'Aughts'

New Year's Eve...just prowling around the house not doing too much. To my surprise, the railroad did in fact decide not to run my job today so it looks like I might have a few days off before I have to hit the road grind again. Sure is weird not to be working and even stranger to be here on a real holiday by myself. This stuff of being alone isn't what it used to be...wait a never did have much going for it. I'm playing my metal way too loud and eating far too much. The cat is having apoplexy over the roar and the dogs want to go out in the snow to take the edge off. I almost wish I had worked today so I wouldn't think so much. I miss the kids and Chris and I just don't like this.
So it's just me and the music again for New Year's and the first decade of the century ends...with Alice In Chains and DP's '37 Stitches' to keep the pain in.

Spin the dial up to 10 old man, stare in that Black Steel Mirror and pray for the glassware...

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