Monday, May 24, 2010

Worry Weeks

So it's been a bad run. The last couple of weeks have been what I call "bottomed out". It seems to go in cycles of two or three months. No matter what else is going on, I get in a dark mood and can't get out until it just passes on it's own. After a while...I'll start to feel better but until it happens, I just feel awful. Besides being in a crummy state of mind, I've got a cold, I'm tired all the time from not getting enough sleep and I hurt from excessive working out.
I can always tell when the downward slide begins...I can't seem to smile much or sleep well. I have to really dig in to get myself to do the stuff I need to do, much less anything extra that I just want to do. Everything becomes a hassle and I don't seem to have the ambition to push myself out the door. There's a million things around the old homestead that need doing but finding the ambition to tackle one or two of them is pretty tough right now. This too shall pass but it sure is hard while it lasts. Until then, I'll keep trying to think good thoughts and get "37 stitches to keep the pain in."

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