Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Video Of The Day

I found this link a while ago while surfing some video sites...

Saturn V Launch -

 I remember the Saturn V moon rockets in grainy black and white on console TVs.  Walter Cronkite told the story and counted down the minutes until the big F-1 engines lit, the pad breathed fire and the monster lifted off.  They say the roar of the launch travelled around the world but I heard it through over-driven mics in Florida and cheesy RCA speakers in New York.  I wish I could have been there.

Something about daring to light 7.5 million pounds of thrust under 6.5 million pounds of rocket, fuel and men  leaves me in wonder to this day.  It was an awesome thing to watch back then and to see it now in super-slow-motion as well as in color is pretty amazing.

Here's to the Saturn and the people who flew her...I never knew you, but I remember you.  Fly high and fast for the next generation.  Run the clock down to zero and light the candle again.  We're counting on you.


SY said...

that's a lot of passion for a car..

Carmi said...

So glad to see someone else with absolute reverence for space flight. Your entry - beautifully said, by the way - explains why I so very much want to see a shuttle launch before the program ends. It's something that's felt to the depths of one's soul, and no TV or radio broadcast can possibly capture it faithfully.

Wayward Son said...

Thanks for the comments guys! I should have been a space cadet!