Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just A Cold Day At The Office

It's always something. I got a call a while ago to do a re-crew job instead of my regular point A to point B gig.  Sort of unusual but not unheard of and I didn't particularly mind.  Hey, a little variety once in a while is ok sometimes.

Turns out, a southbound crew had had a pack of trouble with their train along the way and had run out of time right on the main track.  They effectively become a cork in the bottle until somebody got there to take over and get the thing moving again.  We were nominated to hop in a van, chase them down and take the train on south.  Since we got about three different versions of where the train was parked, it took quite a while to actually find the crossing where they ended up but eventually, the cavalry came riding out of the sunset to the rescue.

Turns out there was a couple of railfans equipped with video already there waiting for something to move.  I've seen these same photogs out and about many times chasing us around the area but this time they got us starting out from a standstill instead of just rollling by.
Here's the results...

Thanks for the video me it's just a cold day at the 'office' but it's kinda nice to put on a show while we're at it.

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Carmi said...

What a heartening thing to know you've got such dedicated fans. London is such a railroad-friendly town that it's hard to not feel it every time you cross a track. I wish folks here would take the time to appreciate what it takes to keep the rails - and the trains that run on them - moving.

Loved this entry!