Sunday, April 3, 2011


Well, I popped open my dashboard (on the blog...not my truck) and noticed that this will be my 100th post...if I ever finish it.  Sometimes these things take days to get off my keyboard and out into blog-space.  This one is shaping up that way but in time, it will become my Century Post.  Big deal?  Not really but it's a landmark of sorts and hence worth at least a passing nod.

100 of anything is one of those milestones that everybody strives for or at least notes when it sails by.  100 years old is worth shooting for isn't it?  Hell, speaking of sailing by, I'd settle for 100 bucks in spending cash right about now after the only 10 I had left flew from my clip, spent on coffee and crummy diner food to get me through my last 'round trip.  Face it...100 is a magic number.

I should know.  Just for example, my first Century bicycle ride was a pretty major event.  100 miles is a stiff investment in effort and time for an old guy like me so I was ecstatic when I finally cranked off enough practice rides to go the whole way.   If I live long enough, like over 100...I might make 100 100's and that would be a real Guinness moment (the record book...not the beer).  One Zero Zero was the benchmark I spent years building up to and now that I made it, it's on to bigger and better things but that first one will always be THE FIRST.

Then just by chance, I swung by my Book of Face page and found that the last person who be-friended my ethereal self brought my tally of electronic acquaintances to an even 100.  What are the odds?  More to the point, what are the odds that 100 people actually have enough interest in what I'm about that they drop in?  Keep this up and I'll have 100 questions.

Maybe I should have played all 100s on the Mega ticket I so foolishly wasted 100 cents on.  Then again...7 was the lucky number for the people who bought into that office pool in Albany.  They now have the tough decision of whether it's worth it to work another day or maybe thinking it's better to just shack up with their post-tax millions and call it a career.  Me, I'd keep working.  You never know when 19 million might run out.  That's too many hundreds to even think about.

Anyway, 100 just seems like a cool number for some reason.  So I'll finally finish my Century Post and call it a day like any other except that a milestone has passed and there'll never be another one like it.  Important?  Not really, just a note and a nod on the Wayward Home.

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