Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dark to Light...The Missing Call

Time flies when you're having the saying goes.  Unless you're waiting for the phone to ring to call you to work.
Looking out from my perch in the kitchen, dawn is just cracking over in the east and I've been up since 4 am to see it.  Why would anyone be up at 4 in the morning if they didn't really have to?  Well, I took a look at the train lineup yesterday afternoon and saw what looked like my usual gig planned for the wee-hours of Sunday.  Uh-oh.  Quick run through the shower and pack up the grip for an early start, then hit the sheets to grab what looked like a couple hours of shut-eye before the call.  I even woke up around 1 and hit the automated line to check on it...sure enough...ordered for 0440.  Back to sleep for a little more snooze time.  The next squint at the clock showed 3 o'clock and the phone should have chirped at 0240.  No call and no messages.  Now what?  Check in with CMC to find out why the train went but I didn't.  Turns out they're 'saving' my pool to use at some point later today on something else.  Great.  So, now I've slept almost eight hours, it's still zero-dark-thirty, I'm wide awake and the birds aren't even stirring yet.  A futile attempt to close the lids back down ended in frustration and soon had my feet hitting the floor.  Dogs out, coffee on.  Browse email and surf a little.  Watch day break rainy and cool.  That's how it's gone so far.

I should be used to this after all these years but sometimes I still get fooled and wind up sleeping on the wrong end of the day.  I'll pay for it later after I've been up for hours.

Oh well, the birds are singing now even though it's raining and the dogs shrugged and went back to sleep.  I guess I'll take the quiet in the kitchen and be glad I got to watch the day creep in from home instead of work.  I've seen enough daybreaks through a windshield.


Trailer Park Cyclist said...

That last paragraph says it all.

You're a good writer, Wayward. How about a blow-by-blow of Life in the Engine? Here in the Park just about every inhabitant is a story unto themselves. I suspect your colleagues are much the same.

Wayward Son said...

Thanks much can only imagine the parade of personalities in the RR world. When I get back from my go-round this time, I'll make an attempt at a post about it for ya!