Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Saddle Tramp

I admit it...I'm a bicycle mileage hound.  I don't care much about going fast but going far makes me want to hit the road again.  Nothing too complicated.  A few hours on the blacktop or chewing up fire roads gives me about the easiest de-stress I can find.  Planning ahead makes it too complicated so the only thing I ever look at much is the weather.  If only to find out how soon it's going to rain again and which way the wind is going to blow so I can tailwind for home.

I guess I'm sort of simple-minded because I can't comprehend all the nutrition planning, workout strategies, power meters etc. that 'real' roadies are supposed to be thinking about.  For me, my forethought consists of get on, click in and see where the next turn leads.

Having said truth, there really is one other main reason I spend so much time pounding the pedals around the countryside.  Sometimes when the rain stops and the sun finally peeks out, it's worth the price of admission.

I've seen more of my own little corner of the world since I took up biking than I ever thought existed.  It's always right around the next curve or over the next hill.  And you never know when the next rest stop will lead to something amazing...

I've missed a goodly chunk of what's right in my own backyard zooming by it at 55 behind the wheel or twisting the wrist.  Maybe it's my ever-advancing status as 'middle-aged' that slows me down to around 20...or maybe it's just the view.


Trailer Park Cyclist said...

Man, that is a very inspiring post, Wayward. I just dropped an order for a new rear wheel upgrade for my old steel Schwinn. Now I've got to make up for a month off from the long rides...but I will. Riding a Century on my Birthday, July 3. Thanks for the reminder of Why We Ride.

Trailer Park Cyclist said...

Oh, and I just set up that waterfall shot as my desktop background. What are you using for a bike camera? It occurs to me it might improve the TPC to have a little digital imagery.

Wayward said...

I use a Canon Powershot carefully stowed in an un-stylish (at least according to BSNYC) fanny pack. Someday I'll probably crash and destroy it then kick myself for taking chances with it but 'till then...we see some pretty cool stuff.