Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where The Hell Have You Been Mister?

I've been a little bit....busy.  Somewhere in the last couple of weeks I lost all my extra minutes and for the life of me, I can't figure out where I left them.  I'm still here but burning the candle at both ends with a torch.

Do not adjust your set.  We will return to our regularly scheduled programming shortly.


Tim Joe said...

Yeah. Me too. Maybe it's the heat. Remember that Indian Chief they used to put on the screen just before the National Anthem played and the TV went to sleep for the night?

Doug said...

Jeeze Harold with your job, family, Tour de Cure, and occasionally riding I wonder when you sleep.

Trailer Park Cyclist said...

One of us has got to post sooner or later. I have two on simmer, but I'm too lazy and borracho to proof and polish and post. Stoopid Irene missed us: I was hoping for some excitement. Trailer Parks and Hurricanes beat anything Disney has to offer. Maybe I'll go back to sailing. In fact, I'm gonna stagger over to Hugh's and bother him. TJ

TJC said...

I meant Doug. Then I'll go bother Hugh.