Friday, December 30, 2011

Quote of the Day

Speaking of reading...I had a flashback the other day to a short story I read many years ago.  I'd forgotten all about it but something hit the right button and an old quote popped back into my head from wherever I had it tucked away.  Like "Fate...", it's not exactly a classic...but it sank it's hooks into the old gray matter somewhere and just stayed for the ride.  There's a lot of that rusty junk kicking around behind my baby blues...someday I'll have to have a yard sale and dust out the cobwebs.  'Till then, here's to Helen America and Mr. Grey-no-more...somehow they're a part of how everything turned out and where it's all headed.

"She saw in him a young bachelor, prematurely old.  A man whose love had been given to emptiness and horror, not the tangible rewards and disappointments of human life.  He had had all space for his mistress, and space had used him harshly.  Still young, he was old; already old, he was young."

Cordwainer Smith
-The Lady Who Sailed "The Soul"-

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Trailer Park Cyclist said...

We seem to tread the same literary hallways. Or I have just read too damn much. Right now I am plowing through East of Eden. It is pretty much like watching six seasons of "Dallas" except way better because it is a book and there are no commercials.

Uncle Bill is coming by later and by midnight he and I will be the Soggy Bottom Boys. Plus Barbecue. The other day the clerk at the beer store was sniffing me and saying "have you been cooking or hanging out by a fire? You smell good!" It made me proud. We have tentative arrangements with a local Harley club to become the house cooks. We'll see.

I did forty miles last Sunday and thought I was gonna die. A sad situation but for some reason I ain't sad at all, even though I am two pant sizes to big.

Do I have your e-mail? For 2012 I want to post some interviews with my readers. You guys are an amazing bunch and I think it will be fun.

I'm at Let me know.

yer buddy, Tim Joe