Friday, April 19, 2013

The End of Home?

So here we are.  And where do I begin?  Or begin again?

I miss tapping away on my old Wayward Home but so much has changed.  This has been a winter that seemed to never have a spring.  A long, cold season.

The long days and longer nights have taken some of the joy out of spinning tales and made the Wayward Home feel like it's not really a home so much anymore.  It seems like so many of the stories I wanted to tell have a different ending than I thought and putting my fingers to the keys and writing them down feels like saying fare-thee-well.

How do I begin?  Or how does it end?  Maybe it's time to shut the WH down and do something else.  Maybe there isn't much more to be said.  Maybe I don't know how to say it.  But then...I miss my Home and wish I could bring it back to life...even if it was a different place.  So how do I begin again?

It took all week to get this far.  Maybe with the slow, late arrival of a spring...will come brighter days...and a Home...or something like it.  Or maybe not.  We'll see...


Brian in VA said...

Looking forward to the Spring and new beginnings.....

Wayward Son said...

I hope so Brian. Maybe I should become a Tim Joe clone...

Tim Joe Comstock said...

Uh...actually, Sandoz Laboratories has held a patent on that particular DNA since about 1959. I tried to have my team of lawyers free it up back in '69 but they failed miserably. Serves me right for hiring out-of-work public defenders. We did discover that they have been leasing the rights to Anheiser- Busch for the last fifty years in order to create generations of irreverent wild-eyed beer guzzling dreamers. And I thought it was just me.

When the Blog becomes a dreaded chore it is a sad thing and what I once called blogular suicide can suddenly seem like the only option. But why? It is a self-imposed sadness. You say that you have stories and you want to tell them but the ending is getting in the way. Why not do what I do? Lie. (But remember to call it artistic license.) William Faulkner (Sandoz 1897) said that the only way to find the truth is through fiction. And trust me, nobody on this planet has any idea what is true. But they do like to see what goes on in the lives and hearts and souls of other people.

I suspect that you are not reading enough, or the wrong stuff. When I start to run dry, I read. I read and read and read and pretty soon the words and the people and the stories fill me up until it starts to overflow and that overflowing is my writing. (I realize you have a Real Job but lost sleep is less important than the void that comes from feeling...vacant...)

Another thing I do when I don't feel like I can write a post is instead I go to my friend's and reader's sites and BlogJack, writing long comments that (hopefully) are at least peripherally related to their original post. It all results in fingers on the keyboard and that is what is important: fingers on the keyboard and the words are an inescapable result.

Meanwhile, the TPC is the most fun thing I do. I hope that you, also, can find the fun again. I recommend beer and smart-ass comments.


Jim Bangs said...

Wayward, I am such a newby to the blog world I don't have any words to offer. I often get so many ideas for a blog and then it all disappears "like a fart in the wind" not to be obtuse.
Like Brian says, maybe spring does bring new beginnings.
Good Luck!