Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick And Gone

Here I go on the last 'round trip before I drop off the railroad radar for about ten days. It's a late, late call for the train but all it means is we'll be in the hotel a little less and home about the same time (I hope). There'll probably be some changes when I get back but more on that when the time comes.
For now...I managed to get in a ride yesterday while the sun was shining. Made 70 miles on the dot which is a single-day record for me. If I wasn't pressed for time whenever I go out, I could probably make that century. Trouble is, I'm trying to get home to get ready to go to work and get to bed so I tend to hammer the last 20 miles or so and burn out by the time I get to the driveway. Maybe this week while I'm not subject to cell phone abuse, I can get it done. We'll see.
In the's the ride. Are you seeing this, Doc?

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I think I'm killing the 1400 with this stuff. The bottom bracket is noisy and the driveline is sounding like a meat grinder but it's still holding together. The shoes and clipless pedals made a big difference too but I need to tune them up some to get the most out of them yet. More to follow...

It's off to the races and another go at the Saratoga Express. I'll be back.

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