Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tour de Cure

Well, here we go with another project. Chris and I just signed up as the NS Thoroughbreds team for the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure in June. One thing always leads to another and our new-found biking habit led us to look into this ride just for fun. Turns out, NS has teams down south that are among the top fundraisers for Tour de Cure and we decided to jump on the bandwagon and see what we could do.
We each set up a personal page to help with donations and we're still sort of figuring out how everything works. ADA provides web pages and links to help with donations so here's a link to my page.... The title line up above is a link too so you've got two ways to find my Tour page.
Anybody who wanders by the Wayward Home should surf on over and see what's going on with the Tour. All you lurkers out there, quit lurking and help me out.
There'll be more to follow soon as I get more of this stuff hooked up so hang we go again!

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