Friday, April 23, 2010

Vacation...What else can I say?

Ahhh...time off. It's been a good week. Just that's been a good week. I'm tired, my knees hurt, I've got a kink in my shoulder, the lawn is rough, the house is a shambles and it all doesn't matter. I've had a whole bunch of time with the kids and Chris and that's been the best part. We did manage to wipe out a fair chunk of our to-do list and to top it all off, nobody's been to the ER. It doesn't happen like that too often.

Even though it's been pretty chilly, I've put 130 miles on the pedal bikes this week including one 77 mile jaunt on the 1400 and a yesterday's rail-trail hop on the abandoned D&H. Rough but fun...

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Unfortunately, it's coming to the weekend which means the end is near and I'll have to start thinking about getting back into the on-call groove again. The good news is that as planned, I'm saddle-sore and sunburned but still looking for a couple more rides. Gotta keep training for the Tour de Cure (that's as good an excuse as any). Check in once in a while to see how it's going on my Tour de Cure page. We're still looking for people to join our team and/or help out with donations so don't forget about it!

I'm headed out to do something vaguely productive (cut grass) but then I'm hoping for an evening bout of single-track pain and suffering with the Good Doctor. More to follow so hang tight.

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