Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dark Days Vol. 2

Today is just one of 'those' days.  It seems to run in cycles of about 2 months...the bottom falls out and there's a long slide with no pool at the end.  It's hard to describe but it feels like waves of...what?  Sadness, fear, anger, pain?  Whatever it is, it's almost paralyzing.  I know it'll pass and in a while, I'll be ok again but for now...

I sprinted nearly to collapse but couldn't outrun it.  I climbed hills but it was there at the top.  I tried to make my legs hurt enough to forget but it still rode with me.  I've worked so hard at being strong but I still can't lift it.

An old song I like has a line about "the nexus of the crisis and the origin of storms"...maybe I'm just passing through there on the way to better days.  I hope so.

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