Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Over The Hills

Took a spin on the 2.1 today...actually a couple of them. Started out looking for a good hill to climb and since I happen to know a real beauty right down the road, it wasn't long before I was in granny low and hammering. I like climbs as they kind of give me a really hard workout without doing a zillion miles. The old heart rate gets pretty high and stays there on a long hill.

I did a couple of 6% grades and then zoomed home on the flatlands to meet Chris and the kids around noon. I sprinted the last 10 miles or so and had a good burn going when I got in the driveway. Grabbed something to munch on and decided to head out again but realized the front tire had gone flat in the interim. Grrrr.

On disassembly, I found a circular piece of sharp metal stuck in the tread and a small hole in the tube. Dig out the patch kit and slap a sticky on the puncture, pull the shard out of the tire and we're back in business.

Out the door and rolling again. This time I dropped into Ithaca and negotiated the traffic. This time of year it's laced with fresh Cornell and IC students, many of whom have yet to drive their first thousand miles. It's a zoo when the college kids hit town but I did a little zigging and zagging and got out unscathed. The hill back up out of town is an epic and my lungs were competing with my legs to see who could hurt the most. Ahh...the Bonk approaches.

I ran out of water somewhere about 65 miles out but I knew the end was near and forged on to the high school where Chris was at a meeting and bummed a ride back home on the bike rack. Not sure I could have legged it home but it damn sure would have been way-dark-thirty before I got there. That was enough for one day anyhow. The next century will have to wait for a day when I don't deliberately overdo it so early in the trip.

I realized sometime along that I miss my riding partner on these adventures. Doc could make me laugh no matter what and push me way out there when I thought I didn't have anything left. People come and people go but the good ones seem to go more often.

Here's to ya Doc...I'll be down that way sometime to cut the wind.

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