Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day...One For The Record Books

Gaaa...moving (still, endlessly, repeatedly).  It's Thanksgiving Day and it's going to be boxes from one house to another for a good share of it.  I'll mostly be thankful for getting through this.  You'd never know it but we have moved and packed an awful lot of stuff.  Where did we get all this junk?  The living room looks like a minor plane crash and we haven't even packed a lot of it yet.

We decided against doing the usual big bird and trimmings this time around because quite frankly, we can't find the kitchen easily or anything much to cook with once we locate it.  Everything is half packed and partly moved so to try the turkey route is pretty much out of the question.  We're ok with it though...we've never been too much of a traditional bunch around here.  With me coming and going all the time, it's sometimes pretty doubtful that I'll be present for the big meal at any particular hour most years so we just have the holiday when we can.  Last year for example, I worked outbound Wednesday night and didn't make it back until about 4pm on Thursday.  I just barely remember dinner and was probably lucky not to fall asleep and face-plant in my apple pie.  We've learned to adapt to stuff like that (mostly) and it's more important to me to be home with my brood than to do the feast anyway.  Good thing because this year, it's one-pan lasagna with packing on the side.

I know this too shall pass and once we actually get moved, things will settle down.  Until then, it's mayhem and madness, stress and worries mixed with relief and anticipation, a little fun and a new view from the kitchen window...a fine recipe for Thanksgiving no matter how you slice it.

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Randy Miller said...

I don't envy you, bro! I hate my house but hate moving more, so here I stay! ;)