Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Are We Moved Yet?

Spent all day at the new place again yesterday and more to follow today.  This is getting a little depressing trying to haul all this junk.  It sort of seems like a lost cause to box it all up and move it across the driveway, un-box it and try to find a spot for it.  It's not like moving a couple states away where you put everything in a truck and don't see it again for a week.  Some of it doesn't even make it to a box at all, just the back of my pickup and right off again.  The stuff doesn't even have a chance to get cool.  We just haul the empty boxes back and reload.  I grow weary of cardboard.
I've at least got my tools where I can locate them in the garage (wow...a garage) which is good because there seems to be quite a lot of things that require tools.  Chris and her crew have painted damn near everything from one end to the other and in the meantime, I've been tinkering on assorted revelations that have come to light in their wake.  A variety of water leaks, wiring oddities and a non-whirling whirlpool promise to keep me in projects for the foreseeable near future.  I knew there was some stuff but...

Well, chalk it up to not moving for 20 years.  We'll get through it eventually but for now the rain is pouring down and the heavy lifting is just getting started.  Wonder if we'll ever make it to Christmas?

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