Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Move Ongoing

I know everybody (who am I kidding?  There's only like two people who read this) is probably getting tired of hearing about our move.  Well, guess what?  We're still at it.  If I live through this, I think I might just take root and never, ever do anything like it again.  I might have to sell the old place still full at the rate we're going.  We've been trucking for a week steady and the end is not in sight.  There's a lot to be said for having a bunch of big galoots box it all up and carry it out to a truck while the homeowner supervises.  The bad part about that is...they usually want a fairly large chunk of change to provide this little service.  On top of that it just didn't seem logical to load it all in a semi, pull out of one driveway, turn into the next one and unload it all again.  Even if we could have afforded it, the ridiculously short duration of the trip and the extravagant price tag wouldn't ever have worked for me.  We tossed the idea around but elected to do the job ourselves at a more leisurely pace and save the cash.  Good thing since painting, plumbing and a few other unforeseen difficulties cropped up.

I did manage to rope a pack of my son's teenage pals into doing some heavy lifting in return for pizza and a place to crash in the new digs.  They helped drag the big stuff around and saved me from probable hospitalization had I done it alone.  Some of it just barely fit in the pickup bed and the rain was a real plus until it turned to sleet and snow halfway through the job.  Did I mention that we had several inches of rain and flash floods in the midst of all this?  I think I did but just let me say flat out poured like you read about.  I was beginning to think bad Karma but it could have just been crummy timing as opposed to actual divine retribution.  The outcome was about the same.

Yes, it's been kind of a lot of hauling and a lot of stuff with a tiny truck but at least most of the things I can't lift alone are finally in.  Now it's a matter of finding a spot for everything as it comes out of the boxes and then locating it again when you want to use it.  Case in point:  When I got home the other night, I looked all over the place for a wine glass as I thought they were already here and put away.  Not so fast and not that easy...I searched every cupboard; in the dishwasher, all the drawers, through the pantry twice and orbited the kitchen to the point of just tipping the bottle in frustration.  In the end, I finally wound up fishing one out of...guess what?  A box.  I shoulda known.

We still have to get to the attic in Old Drafty and sort that mess out, along with the minor disaster that is the rest of the place.  My old office alone may require earth moving equipment to dig out once I chew into that project.  God forbid that anyone show up to look at the place right now because they'd most likely laugh themselves unconscious before they got two rooms into it.  We might get an offer of about six bucks for the whole thing the way it looks today, if we got an offer at all.  I seriously doubt it.

I know we'll get through it all eventually but it's for sure been a handful and a headache.  The new place is at least starting to feel like home and the critters have found new places to lounge so it'll be OK.  But it's been an awfully long hundred yard trip from one life to another.

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