Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quiet and Cold

This post started on Sunday, stretched through Tuesday and ended up on Wednesday.  Somehow these things happen...

Up and around early today.  I was wiped out last night and conked with a house full of people.  Chris covered for me and held the fort but I kept drifting off in the middle of sentences and fading in and out of conversations.  I only slept a couple of hours yesterday morning after I got home and these days I find that I just can't operate 24+ at a time without some pretty serious consequences to my disposition.  The long trips and constantly flipping from days to nights keeps me off balance and out of sync with the rest of the world and last night I had to pay the piper.  I only vaguely remember crawling into the sheets and that was that until the dogs whined at the door to go out.  The critters always get priority.

A few minutes later, coffee firmly in hand, furballs safely back in the house and eyeballs focused at last, I stepped back outside and took a pause to look up at the hill behind the new domicile.  It was one of those rare early mornings that I've always been so fond of...absolutely still and bitter cold.  No noise, no breeze, not even a bird singing yet.  I wait for times like this.  It's like the whole Earth holds its breath for just a second before it wakes up and gets on with the uproar of another day.  The sky is bright but the sun hasn't peeked over the trees yet down here on the ground and for only a little time, there's peace.

If I could catch those minutes of silence and put them in a jar like we did with lightning bugs when we were kids, I'd take off the lid and turn them loose when it gets really dark and noisy in the world.  The quiet amid the racket of our lives would be good for us all.

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