Thursday, December 30, 2010

So Goes '10

With tomorrow, another year comes sliding down the slope to the end.  Times they do change.  I suppose I should do the requisite retrospect but somehow it seems a little pointless.  Like the '70s, I lived through it once and shouldn't have to re-run a condensed version of the whole smash again.  Let's just say it's been, like the Chinese curse, interesting times; not completely good, not all bad, the end of some chapters, a few milestones passed; some awful, horrible days but a lot of bright blue skies to chase away the darkness.  Even when I wondered if there'd ever again be light, there came sunny days.  Another page in my timebook, a tick  of the clock and that's all she wrote.

It was above all else, life as I know it; warts and all, wonderful and terrible and so very much like so many of the other years in my five decades come and gone.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  We lived it and that's enough.

A highway once travelled can't ever be completely new again and no road can be ridden the same way twice so at the end of the day, I'm content to see this year roll away behind me like all those summertime miles on 81 South.  It'll be alright to watch it disappear under the wheels and around the bend without a fuss.  It'll be alright to know things are as they should be.

Yes, most of'll be alright.

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