Saturday, September 17, 2016

Autumn Again

If you feel a chill in the air
It's my spirit hanging somewhere

"Chill In The Air"
Amos Lee

Suddenly the world smells old. I always know what it is. The breeze whispers of autumn slipping down from the north, the days go to sleep early and then the air is old. Fall is here.

The end of the year is always hard. It's like the last notes of a song that you wish would never end. Slowly and quietly, the nights get long. The wind clocks around the compass to take root in colder places and bites at your ears.

It feels like snow sometimes even on warm afternoons. And there's a deep sigh of sleet even on sunny days.

The dark is long and the sun burns cool after the dog days, like a broken fever. There's a shiver nearby waiting to find its way into your bones. It's hiding just around the next corner and the harvest moon is the nightlight it uses to follow you home.

All the leaves flash in bright colors and then fall away as old friends sometimes do. Soon there will be frost and wind like broken glass and so much will be different. 

So very much will be different.


Brian in VA said...

Lovely words, Wayward. I actually look forward to fall, especially this year, because summer has hung on far too long.

Here's to endings and then beginning. And to difference.

Wayward Son said...

Change is good sometimes Brian. Just rainy days and Mondays...and fall always get me down.

Send TJ back over here too and we'll solve the worlds problems! See ya