Wednesday, September 14, 2016

From the Legend...

Your heritage is a perversion

I am much more than my heritage

Your institutions are important imitations, or imitations of intelligence - and lethal

They are a game which I no longer play

No belief is possible to you because all are disgraced and become evil

I am learning to continue without whispering in the dark

Your people are insane

I am no longer with them

Your sincerity destroys your cause

Then I will laugh

Your are of less value than a system, or a machine, or honor

I choose for that not to be so

Words have no meaning - madness is called affluence

I no longer listen to words which are spoken for their own sake

Why do you continue?

Because I am alive

What future is possible to one such as you?

Motion and change

'From the Legend of Biel'
Mary Stanton

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