Friday, October 23, 2009

Small Moves

I knew time was going to be a problem. Now that I'm back in the never-ending-on-call groove again, it seems like I just get my stuff unpacked, washed and repacked and the phone's ringing to go to work. I try to squeeze a ride in on either the road or trails to burn some calories and frustrations but sometimes it just won't fit. It's hard to get too far away from the flagpole when you never really know for sure when you're going to get the dreaded phone call. I have to stay in cell phone coverage and have to be able to get home in about a half hour or less to have time to get ready and make the drive. Writing this thing is about the same way. I get started and just keep on typing. I guess I have to take the minutes as they come and do what I can.

Yesterday, just for instance...I dragged out the mountain bike and took off for a quick jaunt around what I think of as my training loop. It's short but very steep right out of the gate so it's good for getting the old heart going before I've gone the first mile. My goal is to make it straight up to the top non-stop and then play around on the old logging trails on the hills. It's been a challenge to say the least since I kind of fell out of shape while I was mending my new battle scars. I wind up with leg-burn before I get all the way and the cold has my lungs screaming pretty quickly. It's been getting better but there's one little pitch at the very top of the hill that has defeated me on every attempt. Its really short but almost vertical and full of rocks and ruts from washouts and the thing has had me walking before I got halfway every time. This time out, I failed it again about 5 times but just kept dropping back down and trying it again instead of walking. Finally on the last try, on the verge of collapse, I made it. There's a first time for everything. It's just one tiny little insignificant accomplishment in the grand scheme of things but somehow, that small move smelled like victory. I'll take them where I can find them.

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